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7 Keys To Building A Successful Vegetarian or Vegan Lifestyle

If living a healthy lifestyle is your goal, then you should seriously think about becoming a vegetarian.  When you decide to become a vegetarian there are things you must eliminate from your life. Just saying you are a vegetarian does not mean you are one; the thing to remember is that vegetarians are not born, they are made.  Vegetarian’s meals are made up of fruits, nuts, grains, and vegetables. There are 7 keys to building a successful vegetarian lifestyle that should be realized.

Key 1 #  Start slowly.  You have had the old lifestyle for a long time and you can’t expect your body to give up everything at once.   If you feel you must gradually move from meat to vegetables do so, as you taper from one, add the other.   Do not think you have failed because you switch back and forth for a while.  It is sometimes normal to do this.

Key 2 # Go Organic. Organic foods cost more, but they taste much better.  You don’t have to worry about pesticides and synthetic fertilizers putting unwanted chemicals in your body.

Key 3 #  Get yourself a good cookbook.  You don’t need a fancy gourmet book but one with basic recipes in it.  Find one with a lot of information about nutrition and good clear easy instructions for cooking.

 Key 4 #   Once again, start slow.  Do not rush out and try to purchase everything in one shopping trip.   Buy a few things at a time because you will be learning how to eat new things you may not like some of them.   It is better to buy a little at a time than to throw out a lot.

Key 5 #   Avoid sugar, chips, and soft drinks. Vegetarian is healthy eating, there is nothing nutritional about any of these.

Key 6 # Drink lots of water. Detoxing your body is very important. Mineral water is the best to drink, you can buy drops to add to your water or use distilled water. If you have to drink water from your faucet, invest in a filter.

Key 7 # LISTEN TO YOUR BODY:  Listen to what your body is telling you.   If you crave something, if you feel extremely tired or depressed, if you feel hungry soon after eating, have bruising, or circles under your eyes you may need to see a doctor.  It could b a vitamin or mineral deficiency or possible health problem.

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