Store Affiliates

If you have a website, blog or newsletter whose subject matter lends itself well to our range of natural products, you could earn extra money just by including links to our products in your web pages, emails or blog postings.

You can earn 10% commission on the total value of the shopping cart when a customer clicks through to this site via your affiliate link.

We provide a wide range of text links and banners you can use to promote our products. You can also create your own promotional material but please approve it with us first.

As well as banners and text links, we have a number of free e-books you can give away which can contain your affiliate links. If you are interested in using these just send us an email once you have signed up and you can let us know which ones you would like to be customised with your link. Titles include:

Plant Wisdom Guide to Going Organic
Plant Wisdom Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Living
Plant Wisdom Guide to Going Gluten-Free
Plant Wisdom Guide to Smoothies and Juicing

Once signed up, you will be given a special affiliate link you use on your website, blog or in your emails. When someone clicks that link and buys from us, you get 10% commission on the sale, not just for that specific product you are promoting, but for the whole shopping cart amount.

You will have access to your own affiliate control panel where you can monitor your earnings and marketing.

We pay your commissions once a month via PayPal. You will need to set up a free PayPal account to receive your commissions.

Minimum payout is £10 and the cookie duration is 360 days. This means that if someone clicks on one of your links but does not buy immediately, if they come back to our store within one year, you still get paid commission on the sale.

If you have any questions about the affiliate programme, contact us.

If you wish to become an affiliate and start earning extra money, you will need to apply. To apply, you must be a registered user on this site.  If you have an existing account on this site, please log in. If not, please register.

If you are interested in earning extra money with other affiliate programs too, try  Affiliate Seeking - a directory that lists a large amount of programs, including ours. These include: pay per click search engines, affiliate networks, 2 tier programs, multi tiered programs, and much more.