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How Do You Know If Something Is Organic?

If you’re a health conscious consumer in search of organic products, foods, cosmetics, produce or household supplies, locating valid options may sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. Many products carry labels describing them as organic, green, or natural. On face value, you may assume those products are the same as certified organic products. This is not the case.

Only products meeting guidelines defined and implemented by National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) and the National Organic Program (NOP) can carry the USDA organic label or the seals of USDA organic certifying agencies. USDA certified agencies monitor producers and distributors for compliance with the guidelines.

There are also different types of organic labels: 100 Percent Organic, Organic, and Made with Organic. Only products containing up to 70 percent organic ingredients may carry the USDA certified organic label. They are also the only products, which can legally make organic claims on their labelling. When in doubt, look for the green and white USDA organic certified label to ensure your purchase is organic.

Organic produce can be recognized in two ways. They may be labeled with the USDA organic label. If you do not see the green and white label, you can check the item’s distribution code. All fruits and vegetables carry coding labels. Organic produce always carries codes beginning with the number, 9.

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