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How to Solve World Hunger in One Easy Lesson

Most of Plant Wisdom's products are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Here's why we think going vegetarian is the best thing you can do for your health and the planet.

Because so much precious grain is used to fatten farmed animals for the world's wealthy meat-eaters, millions of people are going hungry.

The simple reality is that animal farming is an extremely inefficient food production system. This is because animals waste most of the value of the crops they are fed in the day-to-day workings of their bodies.

We can fee between four and ten times as many people on a vegetarian diet by growing crops directly for human consumption.

Globally, farmed animals consume increasing quantities of precious water, land and energy.

To produce a kilo of beef protein takes up to 15 times more water than that required to produce the equivalent amount of vegetable protein.

Just the other night I was watching a documentary about a commercial dock here in the UK. It featured a shipment of wheat - thousands and thousands of tons of it, apparently the largest shipment of wheat ever exported from the UK. It was being loaded into a giant supertanker to be shipped to Asia, not to be fed to people, but to be fed to animals which would then be re-exported back to the UK as meat.

So you have the absurd situation of an abundant local cereal crop not being used to feed local people but being exported halfway around the world, with all the pollution that involves, to be fed to animals who will then be killed and shipped all the way back around the world, resulting in yet more pollution, to be fed to far fewer meat eaters in the West than it would have sustained had it been fed directly to people. Crazy!

Courtesy Animal Aid.

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