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Organic And Vegan Are Not Synonyms

Adopting an organic lifestyle does not require you to abandon your knife and fork in favour of spoons and finger foods. While the USDA'S current, dietary findings indicate a plant-based diet brings better health outcomes; their current recommendations still include options for meat eaters. For clarity, a plant based diet's calories are mostly sourced from fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, whole grains and healthy plant based fats-like those found in nuts. Meat and low fat dairy are optional sources of protein.

Organic meats come from livestock, which have been raised in accordance with USDA organic certification guidelines. For example, the animals are raised without synthetic treatments and allowed outdoor access year round. The meats tend to be leaner and contain a higher amount of healthy fats and much less saturated fat. Many people also find organic meats more flavorful than the conventional offerings. Grass-fed and free-range livestock provide the best nutritional and health benefits.

Local and national retailers carry organic meat and dairy options. However, they can be somewhat expensive. You may find better deals shopping for organic meats and dairy produced by local farmers and buying directly from them. Some online networks of farmers and distributors offer frugal purchasing options and sales as well.

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