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Organic Cleaning: The Second Key To Wellness

You may be familiar with the ancient proverb, “Let food be thy medicine," credited to Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of medicine. Essentially, wholesome and nutrient rich foods provide the body’s first line of defence against illness and disease. The second line of defence lies in a person's environment. For ideal health, a person needs to live in clean spaces free of physical hazards and full of positive stimuli and relationships.

Unfortunately, the conveniences of modern life often generate environmental pollution, which undermine health. Fuel emissions from cars poison the air; light pollution prevents sound sleep; pesticides undermine the immune system; and the products we use to clean our homes cause health damaging indoor pollution through direct contact and residual vapors. On a more positive note, your home environment is the one space where you can exercise a bit more control over your exposure levels.

You can significantly decrease the indoor pollution levels in your home by choosing nontoxic cleaning products and household items. USDA certified organic cleaning supplies are becoming more accessible for purchase in retail stores and online. You can also make many simple cleaning solutions yourself with ingredients from your kitchen like lemons and vinegar. Household furniture, fixtures and toys should be checked for content; glues, binding agents and source materials which can emit toxic gases in general or when heated to a certain temperature.

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