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Why Do People Go Organic?

People choose to use organic products and foods for several reasons. Many turn to organic products and foods to improve their overall health and quality of life or in response to illness and chemical sensitivities. Others include organic products and foods in their daily activities as part of a lifestyle.

Organic foods and products provide the following benefits:

* Decreased exposure to pesticides and toxins, which have been tied to cancer, respiratory difficulties, skin and soft tissue irritation and birth defects
* Decreased negative environmental impacts as a result of modern conventional agriculture

By choosing organic products, consumers protect their health and contribute to sustainable practices, which benefit the environment. Organic farmers must meet criteria, which include limited use of allowed chemicals, and operations, which protect natural resources and habitats. They also know they are making choices, which benefit the well-being of farm workers, their families, and the communities surrounding agricultural settings.

Almost any product you use has an organic alternative. This includes clothing, furniture, paints, paper, ink, cleaning supplies and more. It takes a little research to find suitable and credible products. Always look for the USDA certified organic label when making organic purchases. You can also search the USDA website for credible organic manufacturers and distributors.

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